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Wedding Season: A Collection of celebrations

Wedding season is a season which fills our heart with joy. It is a season that has something special for all. Being a wedding planners gurgaon we very well know that we start preparing for wedding at least three months earlier and this preparation includes shopping, meeting with people, family discussions, shopping, meeting with people, family discussions, shopping...

Wedding Planners Gurgaon

This is the season which starts with Ring ceremony and ends with honeymoon photographs. It includes several functions like Engagement CeremonyMehendi CelebrationSangeet PartyTilak Ceremony, bachelor's party, wedding, reception and at last honeymoon.

This is the season where people enjoy delicious food, dance parties, flirting, teasing and fun. Whatever your religion is your situation remain same.

Some important tips for wedding preparations

Being a wedding planners in gurgaon we have worked with different communities and different religions but here we are going to mention few tips that can help you during wedding preparation:-

1. Make an idea about guests

Guests comes first and if you do not make a list of guest (approximately) then there are possibilities that you will have to face problem with food and area. No matter less or extra it can ruin your wedding.

Your wedding space, goods, material and staff will be finalized after this only.

2. Keep a notepad with you always. Whatever you are going to do no matter small or big should be written on that notepad and cross it when completed.

3. Set priorities

When preparing a wedding there are several things that has to be done early or late. So set priorities on your list. And keep updating your list time to time.

4. Keep reminders for yourself and for others

Keep checking your list of tasks to do and keep reminding others about their work as well. Because everything seriously everything matters. Tasks looking easy can take time. Being a wedding planner I can assure this.

5. Don't be afraid to ask

If you have hired someone to work for you then feel that they are the most-trusted people during the preparation. So feel free  and ask them whatever running in to your mind or if you want to discuss something go for it. 

Being a wedding planner I know very well that during wedding there are several plans we have to change; we have to put them up or down and if you have hired wedding planner then they know it very well. So just ask them do not hesitate.

6. Backup plan

You have to prepare a backup plan for some most important things. There are situation when you cannot follow one way so be ready for worst cases. like weather is something you cannot control so be ready to face difficulties with this.

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